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The LEFEBVRE family has been united for three generations based on the same passion: beech. For 75 years, this noble specie has been harvested, transformed and developped in extensive and modernized units in order to meet the global market’s expectations.

The LEFEBVRE GROUP currently has 5 production units, 4 of which are dedicated to working with beech wood.

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For decades, the LEFEBVRE GROUP has produced beech-based products that come from forests managed in a responsible manner. We put stringent requirements on ourselves and are audited on a regular basis. We ensure that sustainable forest practices are in place to balance the social, environmental and economic functions of the forest. 100% of our logs originate from sustainably managed forests. We hold PEFC, FSC and “Bois de France” certifications.

Founded in 1946
the Lefebvre Group
is made of
6 companies.

The group achieves 55 million in turnover, of which 25% is exported. The wood business, specializing in beech wood, contributes half of the total activity, while the steel garage door sector and aluminum gates contribute the other half.

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Les Grandes Ventes (76)

Sawn timber


Dunnage wood

Les Grandes Ventes (76)


Finger-joint laminated


Finishing services

Compressed logs

Villers-Cotterêts (02)




Finishing services

Envermeu (76)

Garage doors,

Aluminum gates,

Service doors,


Entrance doors

Les Grandes Ventes (76)