The LEFEBVRE family has been united for three generations based on the same passion: beech. For 75 years, this noble specie has been harvested, transformed and developped in extensive and modernized units in order to meet the global market’s expectations.

Located in the heart of European beech forests

Spread over three major locations in the beautiful French and Romanian beech woods, the LEFEBVRE Group has emerged as a vital participant in the beech industry. Today, 500 men and women provide their motivation and experience to you.

The Lefebvre Group today

The group has a revenue of 55 million, 25% of which is exported and employs 500 people, 140 of whom are in Romania. The wood business, specializing in beech wood, contributes half of the total activity, while the steel garage door sector and aluminum gates contribute the other half.

Concerning the wood sector, we operate 2 beech sawmills: 1 in Normandy and 1 in Romania.

They are located in the midst of significant state-owned forests:

In Normandy: The SCIERIE LEFEBVRE is located within the EAWY forest and also replenishes itself in surrounding forests such as LYONS, EU and BROTONNE before completing its purchase from forests further afield (HALATTE, RETZ, CRECY, RENO VALDIEU, ANDAINES…)
• In Romania: NORMAROM is located in Oravita, close to the Serbian borders, in the county of Caras Severin, Romania’s most forested county, with an 80% majority of beech wood.

To date, these 2 locations have processed over 125.000 m3 of logs.

Our sawing lines produce:

  • Lumber made entirely of beech
  • Beech, softwood and poplar wood packaging.
Beech: Our passion, our knowledge

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